Manhood is the state of being man as a human being while masculinity is the degree or property of being masculine. You cannot enslave a man without stealing his manhood. A man without manhood:

  • Will talk more and listen less
  • Will shy away from responsibilities
  • Is more argumentative and far less accommodating
  • Will never wear a smile on his face
  • Will neither love or respect children and elders
  • Will never save, always spend, and always borrow.
  • Does not read or reads little
  • He feels no moral obligation to become intelligent

The unattached and immature adult male is every society’s first social problem. Basic male energy and sexuality are not naturally refined. They must be harnessed and channeled in directions that are beneficial and safe to the larger society. Gentlemen don’t just happen. Welcome to New Negro Media, the official record and reference of African Manhood for gentlemen of distinction.