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Six years ago I was walking down a street near a junior high. There were three young boys walking behind me in sagging jeans, baseball caps, and backpacks talking loud enough for me to hear every word they were saying. One boy said, “That lady is really pretty. That’s how I want my wife to look.” Even though they were young enough to be my own sons, the comment made me blush. As I was approaching my car, I heard one of the boys say, “Oh hell naw! She don’t make enough money for me!” I was completely floored as I got into my little

Love Tran$actions Ain’t nothing going on but the rent

Has love been grossly overrated? Has society been sold the wrong idea on love? Does the idea of perfect love exist in our minds? Is love simply a mirage and a misunderstanding between two fools?   Sarah Tweet The brain is an outstanding organ. Beginning with birth, the brain works seven days a week and […]

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