Father Son HolySpirit

Father Son Holy Spirit

In the heart of America, amidst the struggles and triumphs of its people, a story unfolds. It is a story of American men of African descent, their journey toward reclaiming their manhood, and the unbreakable bonds that transcend time and adversity. This is a tale of love, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a family.

At the center of this narrative is a father and son, their lives deeply entwined in the tapestry of their shared experiences. The father, let us call him Marcus, longed for one thing above all else—Family, to feel that his love mattered. From a tender age, he yearned for his own family that would validate his love, existence, and sense of worth that had often eluded him.

Marcus’s path was not an easy one. A tumultuous relationship with his now, ex-wife’s household led to a bitter separation, resulting in his children being forced to live away from him. She, under the influence of her mother’s guidance, succumbed to the idea that it was best for children to live away from their father. In fact, the absence of her father led her to believe children of African Descent need not have one. Today, the children are adults, the pain of separation still run deeps within Marcus, as he was denied the opportunity to be the loving and caring father he aspired to be. All the evidence he has to show for his relationship is useless love and proof he paid child support.

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