Love Tran$actions Ain’t nothing going on but the rent

Source: NewNegro Media

Has love been grossly overrated? Has society been sold the wrong idea on love? Does the idea of perfect love exist in our minds? Is love simply a mirage and a misunderstanding between two fools?  

The brain is an outstanding organ. Beginning with birth, the brain works seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Then, you fall in love and it stops. Thinking is secondary. Feeling is everything Crazy, right? Throughout centuries, the perfect whirlwind romance has been idealized in books as an important transformation that requires no thinking and blind obedience. Today there are blockbuster movies, Television novels, and reality shows making millions in profit selling the fantasy, idea and hope of love.

Commercially, loves’ most popular tales are the depiction of a rich and charming prince immediately in love with a poor damsel in distress. Even though she is broke and has nothing in common with the prince, nevertheless, he is eager to sweep her off her feet, and risk half his fortune. Other stories include crazily-in-love men, who swear to women an undying love for each other, against all odds and promises of eternities together. Romeo and Juliet snatches our hearts on Valentines Day, like Santa Claus on Christmas..

Has love been grossly overrated?

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