Still, Jackson was important to the United States, if for nothing else, his opposition to the idea of civil disobedience. As luck would have it, the black man credited for bringing the races together, and considered a national hero, would be included among the insurgents leading the opposition against Jackson. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Noble Prize Winner and most recognized Baptist Preacher of the U S. Civil Rights movement, would ally himself with the principals to dethrone Jackson.


The radicals were attracted to King’s popularity and success at gaining the media’s attention. Further, they wanted to remove J. H. Jackson as president. It appeared to them that Jackson’s supporters lacked the sophistication to elect a president. If they had King’s backing, they thought they could carry the convention. The Gardner supporters assumed they had garnered more than 50% of the convention delegates necessary to oust Jackson as President. Gardner was prepared to take the helm, but King’s influence had been overly miscalculated. King, himself, would be in opposition to both his grandparents for the removal of Jackson as President of the NBC. They severely underestimated the approval for the incumbent.


J. H. Jackson stood up with Martin Luther King’s grandparents on each side of him at the podium. The voting members were so confident in Jackson ‘s abilities that he was proclaimed president without the vote being taken. “We discredit the need for the election tomorrow, and we will vote J. H. Jackson President by acclamation,” they declared and J. H. Jackson resumed his duties.


The insurgents were defeated, but refused to accept the pronouncement of the body. Jackson’s rebuke of their scheme prompted them to leave the NBC. Despite his grandparents, king would withdraw his support from the NBC, and join the other delegates who ceded from the National Baptist Convention, forming two new organizations: The Progressive National Baptist Convention and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.





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