Divine Feminine Energy

Divine Feminine Energy

Ra, in Egyptian mythology, was a prominent deity associated with the sun and was often
depicted with various attributes and aspects, including the fierce lioness goddess
Sekhmet and the gentle cow goddess Hathor. These deities had distinct roles and
characteristics in Egyptian mythology, and today in the community of Long Beach
California. Meet Zahalea Showe-Anderson.

Born into a martial arts family, Professor Zahalea’s journey towards becoming a master
instructor and owner of RA-Life Self Defense was paved with extraordinary experiences
that have shaped her into the empowering community figure she is today. Trained by
her father from a young age, she developed an innate understanding of people and
martial arts, instilling in her the discipline, strength, and wisdom that would become the
cornerstone of her life’s work

She is an 8th degree Dan and holds the highest rank on the West Coast. However, it was
not only her martial arts training that prepared her for the challenges ahead. Zahalea is
not a woman to be abused, an ordeal that could have easily broken her, lifted her spirit
in search of the divine. “I just embrace what God has given me. There was trial, error,
struggle and growth,” she said.

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