Affiliate Program

Qualifying NewNegro Media Affiliates can earn up to 15% and  recurring commission for each full membership sale.

Welcome to New Negro Media, the official record and reference of African Manhood for gentle-men of distinction.

Why become a NewNegro Media Affiliate?

Partner up with the official record and reference of African Manhood for gentlemen of distinction. NewNegro Media is growing steadily both in market share and revenue. We want our affiliates to earn fantastic commissions while sending new, quality, customers to our platform (Win/Win). Affiliates can potentially earn up to 10% per sale. We also offer marketing help, guidelines, and encouragement to our affiliates to help them start earning sales commissions as soon as possible.

How does it work?

When a user visits NewNegro Media through one of your affiliate links, a cookie is placed in their internet browser for 90 days (or until they manually clear their cookies) to track that user. If and when that user checks out for a membership at NewNegro Media, and a qualifying cookie with your affiliate code is present, your account will gain credit for that sale.

How Do I Get Paid?

Affiliates will earn 10% commission for each full-priced sale. The payout amount memberships purchased at a discount are outlined in the NewNegro Media Affiliate Agreement. Payouts will be paid in USD quarterly in the first week of the month via PayPal. We only payout for commissions older than 30 days. Only new customers will be eligible for commissions. There are commissions on annual renewals.

Apply Now

Our brand matters greatly to us, as we are sure that yours does too. The NewNegro Media team will review each application. This ensures that all parties involved are a good fit for each other. We are looking to partner up with quality organizations, influencers, and users. We hope to attract quality customers our way. If an affiliate promotes NewNegro Media in a spammy way or implores fraudulent techniques – the contract will be terminated. If you feel you meet these requirements and want to register to become an official NewNegro Media Affiliate, please complete the application below.

Please review the terms of the NewNegro Media Affiliate Agreement before completing this application. If we approve your application we will send you a link to join the program.

Affiliate Application