Love Activism: Lessons from Barnett Balthazar

Love Activism: Lessons from Barnett Balthazar

Love is often seen as a gentle force, a personal emotion that binds individuals together.
Yet, when channeled with purpose and intent, it can become a powerful tool for positive
change. Barnett Balthazar, a man I hold in the highest regard, exemplified the concept of
love activism. Despite his physical dissimilarity to my biological brother Ike, Barnett’s
impact on my life mirrored the profound influence Ike had.

If he wanted, he could have passed for White. Standing at 5’8″, light-skinned, and
possessing straight hair, Barnett defied conventional notions of similarity. However,
beneath these superficial differences, he and Ike were spiritual twins, united by the
principles of family, love, teamwork, responsibility, and unconditional care that they
inherited from our fathers.

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My stomach begins to rumble, but there will be no food cooked for me,
For my mother doesn’t return from her midnight rendezvous till about

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