The Word NEGRO Needs No Defense

Source: NewNegro Media

The biggest, if not the most controversial discussions about this magazine, thus far, involve the title. Since we announced our new publication, we have received numerous emails from angry ” African Americans” who hold the opinion the word ” Negro” is not only in bad taste, but disgraceful. Worst, as publishers, we are accused of bringing back a shameful chapter in American History, and they hope we fail miserably at our task in delivering Americans the most informative and unbiased news on the planet.

Disgraceful as the word may be to some, unfortunately it is on my birth certificate. So for you, the pseudo—intellectuals, that insist follow the misguided, but popular belief that a Negro is something to be ashamed, think again. It I find shame in my birth name; it also means I find shame in my father. A man, who worked three jobs, endured more adversity than I could ever imagine, and yet had the fortitude to rear 12 children, without any of the children ever having served time in prison.

I want you to know how appalled I am about your magazines’ title “The New Negro Magazine”. You make me ashamed to be African American. No amount of wit or reserve psychology will hide the history of this awful word. The sooner your magazine fails, the better. .

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