UN Report: North America and Europe barriers to Africa’s Development

Economic opportunity for africa in Marijuana
Source: NewNegro Media

“It is imperative, at this moment, that the African must do the very thing which they have been taught they cannot do. They still have money and they have needs to supply. They must begin immediately to pool their earnings and organize their industries to participate in supplying their social and economic demands. Otherwise, If Africans remain forever free from the producing atmosphere, and present discrimination continues, there will be nothing for them to contribute to the progress of humanity and the conversation of the planet.”

The international drug-control regime is crumbling and societies have decided that drug prohibitions produce more problems than benefits. Now, Cannabis is a prominent focus of international drug-policy reform. However, it remains controversial.

Altogether, the crop’s agricultural history has produced relationships that enable Global Northerners to extract more value from African resources than African farmers can extract for themselves. High value commodity chains and a focus on understanding the impact of Western driven policies, such as the war on drugs, has ensured the geographic focus lay largely beyond African shores,
Legal status can vary both spatially and temporally. Men of African Descent, for example, can see their legal status fluctuate as they move through different territories. Much like the plant species like Cannabis sativa, each can be licit or illicit, depending where and when it has been produced.

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