Cannabis & The African Bourgeoisie: A Cultural Comeuppance

Cannabis/Marijuana in African traditions

Men of African Descent are an enigma. Rejected by outside cultures at large but perceived as the forefront for trends in fashion and getting high with class. Whether it’s Goose Vodka, Air Jordans and (dare I say) gold chains it does not pass the cool and hot test without street approval from Men from African Descent. No matter if it is as simple as wearing a baseball cap backwards, or as ignorant as wearing pants below your underwear, anywhere in the world, if enough African Men embrace something it makes the cut and becomes cultural economic boon for fashion, arts, and music.

So, it came as no surprise Men of African Descent continue to be omitted from the conversation about drug legalization and the Cannabis Gold Rush happening in the United States. Yet, Cannabis is  among the phenomena from American men of African Descent to American Culture. I smoked my first joint at 16 and I am 67. The head of drug and narcotics was a bigot who claimed Cannabis made Men of African Descent unruly with superhuman strength. This profile delves into the middle (and upper) class men enjoying their tokes and their treasures, simultaneously with injustices and everyday challenges to reclaim their African Manhood, with style.

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