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Despite having written and published books, and his opposition to the most well-known civil rights activist in times past, Jackson has not garnered a footnote in history. Many would say it is because of that opposition to Martin Luther King, specifically. After his death in 1990, the statue of J. H. Jackson was removed from the church grounds. Several attempts were made to contact church officials to ask why was the statue removed, but our phone calls and visits were unanswered.

There were a lot of people that disagreed with King, not only J.H. Jackson, Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X but a host of others. People don’t realize there were a lot of other things going on that had nothing to do with integration. J. H. Jackson was among those who wanted equal protection under the law. He could not understand why someone would allow themselves to be beaten, just to be able to eat next to white people in a restaurant, it made no sense to him.” Says Suggs,

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